School Information

Educator John Boston, of Escondido, California, founded Boston School under the name, School of Home Learning, in 1980.

Boston School supplies a typical course of study for member families. This course of study outlines the common concepts generally offered at each grade level. Members may then use standard textbooks, computer programs, materials from home, community and library or other alternative sources to present these concepts to their students.

Record keeping forms and instructions are provided to member families. Record keeping is simple but provides a solid outline of materials and concepts covered during the year.

Boston School will transfer student records from the previous school to our office. If you want to transfer to another school at a later date, we will be happy to help you make that transition.

Boston School will answer questions about curriculum via phone or email. We can help you find the materials you need for your educational program and help you make your program a success. We do not sell packaged curriculum as that does not fit in with our educational philosophy, but you are welcome to use a curriculum provider while in Boston School; if that works best for your personal program.

We are here to help you. Members are encouraged to take advantage of our many years of experience when problems arise. We have answers.