How This ISP Works

The Program

A) Develop your program/Outline your course of study

1) Review the information sent to you by Boston School:

  • The Education Code
  • Typical Course of Study
  • Requirements for documentation

2) Outline a basic program:

  • Details, forms and assistance upon enrollment.

3) Send the “Proposed Curriculum Outline” in to our office to begin your program. Boston School will review the proposal and call or write to let you know if any changes or additions are needed. We understand that things change, new discoveries are made and adjustments to the program will happen.


B) Run your program on a regular schedule and keep attendance, logs and documentation up to date. Contact us as needed or as arranged at the beginning of the school year. We are here to answer questions, make suggestions and offer help. Use our services.

C) End of Semester/Year Documentation Procedure: Submit the completed paperwork that is appropriate to your program. (Details and forms provided to member families.)

D) Boston School reviews the documentation. If we need you to make changes or if we need additional information, we will call or write and work with you to get the files in order. Occasionally, we will return your documentation with blank forms and comments and ask you to resubmit it. Boston School reserves the right to accept, reject or ask for samples of work and other forms of verification of documentation.

E) All documentation must be verified and approved by the office.

F) Non-compliance with Boston School’s documentation policy is grounds for expulsion from the program.

No Documentation = No Credit


Miscellaneous Information

  • Documentation must be submitted within the 60 days after the end of your school year or before transferring to another school. Boston School will usually accept late documentation from current members. The late fee is $50 per student, per grade. Boston School will only accept documentatin from currently enrolled families.
  • Boston School will be happy to assist in transferring students to another school. We need to be notified before the new school is contacted. All documentation must be approved and filed before you contact your new school. Transfers are easy if you follow our directions.
  • Paperwork takes time. Throughout the school year, members may need Boston School to process or produce paperwork such as transcripts, verification of enrollment, work permits, permission slips and etc. Due to the volume of paperwork, processing your request will take at least one week from the time it reaches our office. We do paperwork in the order in which it arrives at the office. (Emailing over a request does not put you at the head of the line; the week turnaround time still applies.) If you have an emergency request and really need something turned around in less than a week, enclose an emergency service fee of $25 with your request.
  • We do not accept faxed copies of documentation. Documentation must be mailed to the office.
  • High School students that transfer in to Boston School are charged an additional $50 fee for each year at a school other than Boston School. High school students who were “homeschooled” and do not have official transcripts are charged $100 per past year not in Boston School.