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Educational Philosophy

The School:
Boston School, founded in 1980, is an accredited California private school with independent study programs serving California and the nation.

The Philosophy:
Boston School has an inclusive philosophy. This school is for all people who have made their child’s education a priority.

Educational Options:
Boston School sees the information age as an opportunity to customize educational programs. Never before has so much information been available in so many different formats. We encourage members to make use of these options.

Customized Programs:
A student’s interests, goals and learning styles are used to develop an individualized educational program. Students are encouraged to use all available learning tools including text books, computers, the internet, videos, public TV, audio resources, hands-on projects, libraries, volunteerism and community involvement.

Eligibility Criteria:
One parent or guardian must be with the student during school hours. The parent must turn in documentation on schedule as required. Any change of name, address or phone number must be immediately filed with Boston School. Boston School retains the right to expel a student or volunteer teacher for noncompliance.

The Program:
Students may enroll in Boston School at any time during the year. Enrollment is for one calendar year based on the enrollment date. The tuition fee of $395.00 (plus a $50.00 new member fee) covers one student, additional students are $50.00 each. Transferring to another school ends enrollment. Tuition does not cover books or other learning materials.

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